• Resignation of ALPG CEO Warren Sevil

After nearly fifteen years at the helm of Australian Ladies Professional Golf, CEO Warren Sevil will step down from the role, ALPG President Shani Waugh announced today.

“Warren tendered his resignation to the Board last Friday and, with regret, we accepted it,” Waugh said.

“We certainly wouldn’t be in the position that we are in today without Warren and on behalf of our members want to thank him for his sustained efforts in the role.”

“Through his passion and hard work for the women’s professional game in this country and around the world, the ALPG is recognized as one of the five major women’s golf tours in the world. He was also an integral part in the development of the Rolex Women’s World Golf Rankings and sits on the Rolex Rankings Governing Board”.

“The ALPG Tour Schedule has well and truly held its own on the Australian sporting landscape in the last 15 years thru the coordination skills of Warren Sevil. He has worked diligently to create strong and lasting relationships with our key stakeholders both here and abroad.”

“His influence on Australian women’s golf was highlighted when he was recently named in the top 25 most influential people in Australian Golf over the past 40 years. “ Waugh added.

“I have known Warren all my professional career and have witnessed first-hand the dedication and hard work that he has put into our organization. He will be missed by many.“

In his letter to the board, Warren spoke warmly of his long tenure at ALPG:

“The fifteenth anniversary of my role with ALPG is approaching and I feel the time is right to disengage. Fifteen years is a long time in any position, so for the benefit of my own personal development and for that of the ALPG, I believe new directions and fresh perspectives are healthy and necessary for both parties.” he said.

“The ALPG has been a huge part of my life. My time with this exclusive organisation has been demanding, but rewarding in so many ways. I have been proud of my position, proud of my achievements and passionate about my responsibility to the organisation and its members. I have met and learned from hundreds of wonderful people across the broad spectrum of ALPG and international women’s golf, many of whom are now close personal friends.

ALPG has grown from a relatively unknown organisation to one that is recognized and respected on the global golf industry stage. This respect is a result of the achievements of its members on the international stage as well as the reputation of the organisation, its events, its personnel and accomplishments that have often been lauded by the media for “punching above its weight”

I will always be grateful for the opportunities and will forever hold fond memories of my fifteen years with Australian Ladies Professional Golf.

The ALPG’s highest profile member and long time friend of Sevil, Karrie Webb, said of the decision, “Although I’m saddened to see Warren go, I would like to personally thank him for everything he has done for the ALPG over the past 15 years. Warren has been a great leader for us and you always felt his genuine passion in promoting women’s golf.”

“As a friend, I wish him all the best in the future and I will miss seeing him at all our events.” Webb said from Hawaii.

Waugh said that Sevil will work with the Board and staff of ALPG to ensure a smooth transition to the next stage of management, and will finish on Friday 31 May.

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