• Queen Sirikit Cup - Day 1 Coach`s Report

Round One, 17 April 2013

Thailand 145
Japan 145
Korea 147
Australia 148

Su Hyun Oh - 74 (+2)
Minjee Lee - 74 (+2)
Grace Lennon - 75 (+3)

It was a case of the old \"practise round in the calm conditions then the first round in the wind\" scenario to pretty much undo most of the preparation the girls had done on Monday and Tuesday. Having said that they did a great job of sticking to the plans and adapted pretty well to the conditions.

I mentioned yesterday that I thought the scoring would be quite good but today`s windier conditions put paid to that prediction. Monday and Tuesday was a case of firing straight at the pins on pretty much every hole and expecting to make plenty of birdies. Today the girls needed a more conservative approach as the course played considerably more difficult. For example hole 17 which was a driver and wedge yesterday but was driver and 4 iron today.

After a bit of a debrief about the rounds over lunch we headed out to the putting green where I got Su and Grace doing a putting drill that I learnt from Canadian Lorie Kane. Basically it`s designed to take your mind off of your technique and onto holing putts with an added element that ensures good speed otherwise you keep starting the drill again until you get the speed down pat. I think both girls found some rhythm with their putting while entertaining Captain Matt and me in the process.

Minjee, as always, was going about her \"stuff\" in a very business-like fashion stopping occasionally to put her 10 cents worth in. The girls seem to enjoy being around each other with plenty of mutual respect there too.

Time for dinner so will write again tomorrow with some good news I`m sure :-)

Shani Waugh - Team Coach
ALPG member and president

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